Major Content Update #1 | Balam Bounce Hell

Hi everyone!

At Wickd Games we are extremely excited to announce the first major Content Update for Balam: Bounce Hell!

This first update includes:

  • NEW LEVELExplore an ancient pre-Columbian city and face the dangers within it.

  • NEW SPECIAL ENEMY: Face the Halo Shooter and survive a true bounce hell.

  • NEW SPECIAL POWERS: Use the Shockwave to rebound all projectiles in an area or imbue your weapon with powerful effects to unleash the power of Balam, the Jaguar Hero

And even mooore stuff:

  • New & Improved VFX
  • Haptic feedback support for controllers 
  • Improved and reworked UI
  • Quality and Performance graphical modes
  • Enemy AI improvements & bug fixing
  • Other quality of life changes

And many more little tweaks and adjustments...

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates


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Jul 21, 2022

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